Drs. Graber and Aadland want to know: Will you be running tomorrow?

At the Dental Comfort Center, we know everyone wants to lead a healthy, fit life, and tomorrow is a great opportunity to do so! June 3rd is National Running Day, a great time for all you runners to lace up those sneakers, get that iPod going and hit the road!

The goal of National Running Day is “to designate one national day to promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise.” The aim is to increase the awareness of running, its health benefits, and to highlight the convenience of exercising.

Some people run for the endorphines and relief, others run to “get away from it all,” while most folks run in an effort to become healthier, happier people. Drs. Graber and Aadland both encourage our patients to stay fit by exercising or being active.

Will you be running tomorrow?

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